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Set out, towards the hometown of freedom!





There is a beautiful place
That is the kingdom of the Greatest Creator
The hometown of freedom
Green mountains, clear waters,
Warm and sunny all year around
Flowers are blossoming
covering on the hills and yards
Streams flowing, spring tinkling
Willows swaying, bamboos dancing
Kingfishers flying
Happy people singing loud
Never need to struggle for survival

Ah! This charming land looks like a picture
White clouds hanging over the mountains
Colourful rainbow appearing and diminishing
Winding paths and peeping green tiles
Harmony and peace can be felt everywhere
The free kingdom in my dream!

No stealing, no fighting
No hurting, no gossiping
No suspecting, no cheating
No annoying noises
Not even jealousy, comparison and complaints
Everything exhibited in beauty

Run away from the prison of human nature
Get away from the sufferings
Life is a flash in the pan
No need to attach to the annoying person or thing
Not worthy to tangle in anything that limits freedom

Boss, wife or kids
King, husband or brothers
Whoever limits my freedom
I will run away

Time is flying like a horse running across a fissure
Which I can’t afford to waste
When I am alive
I should present my true self
Rules, commandments, morals, dharma are not good
As long as they are bondage

Let me live according to my own will
    but within the law of nature
As long as I don’t hurt nature, people and other life beings
Whatever I do
will please the Greatest Creator

Let me go for the free land
when the sun rises in the morning
Muddy road, strong storm
wolves, tigers, cliffs
will never stop me
If I don’t have freedom
Am I different from a living corpse?

Sweats, tears and blood droplets might be my company
To get freedom, I’m not afraid to pay any price
Even if my body is bruised
and thorns are on the way
Not to mention the secular gossips
I don’t care people say I’m heartless
I never want to have the tragedies
people had before

I’m diligent, kind,
and willing to devote myself for the wellbeing of others
But will not accept anyone’s control, enforcement
and attack on my soul
I’m simple, innocent, and long for mutual respect and love
But will not tolerant constant supervision and complaint

I will not live in a place my freedom is controlled
I’m not willing to fight for power and money



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