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Lifechanyuan’s New Year's day Message



Human beings are marching rapidly, and disasters are closely associated with us. We will enter into the year of 2013 in seven years. It is time to wake up.

Tsunami, earthquake, hurricane and blizzard mingled with the bird flu and overflow of rivers, which can frighten heaven and move the earth. A larger “storm” will arrive in quick succession. Oh, poor human beings! When will you find time to face the Greatest Creator and to pray him to relieve the disasters for human beings?

Human beings! We can not outsmart the Greatest Creator and can not outsmart the death; we should stop being arrogant and blind. Even we can send thousands of spacecrafts into the outer space to monitor the change of nature; and even all our 6.5 billion people unite together, we will be unable to escape the punishment due to our reckless wrongdoing on nature

You did not obey and implement any one of my suggestions offered on last New Year’s day; Now, it is too late even you want to avoid dangers. You have been deceived by your self-righteous science, so you put all of your future on your over-confident capacity. You should think it over again. Can you withstand the tottering of hills and quaking of the earth? Can you endure the hard times of the dimming of sun and moon?

Can’t you see, listen and consider it seriously? You should place the masses first and attach importance to the benefits of all human beings. And you should know when the nest is overturned, no egg stays unbroken. The earthworms of Japan dig a hole on the ground, which may lead a earthquake in Europe; a dense smoke in Madagascar may arouse extensive draught around America Continent. Giving up your narrow state-national interest, religious and political party interest, family and personal interest, and giving up your wild ambition of being an overlord, you, instead, should pray for all human beings and devote your talents and wisdom to the interest and benefit of the whole mankind.

We have compelled ourselves on the hopeless situation, and everything has become extra extravagance except bread, tent and clothes. Our extra enjoyment finally depends on the charity and nursing of Mother Nature. If Mother’s blood is bled white by us, how can we survive?

You are always in a hurry and bustle up blindly everyday; where on earth are you going? Develop! Develop! Speed up! Speed up! Won’t the sun rise tomorrow? Are you really capable of settling down on the Mars?

The United Nation including various heads of governments, what are you thinking so far? Do you really have the ability to stop the destructive attack? The religious leaders of Christianism, Catholicism, Buddhism and Islam, what is in your mind? Don’t you think there are some problems in your religious doctrine? Doesn’t your religious doctrine contradict with each other? If they are all correct, how can they contradict to each other? If they contradict to each other, how can you say that it is the only truth?

The old consciousness can not adapt to the new era just like the old leather bag can not contain the new wine. Can you switch your ways of thinking while sticking to you own standpoint?. Let’s sit down calmly and discuss about the common future of human beings.

We should not throw a piece of gold for thousands of people to fight and share. It is just like playing basketball—let dozens of players to fight for one ball, but should offer each people a way to make a living. If a lot of people have to fight for one ball in the reality life, such ways of living can only arouse suffering and misfortune, which will finally lead to disaster and destruction.

6.5 billion people are living in crises, and the only way to defuse crises to start from our own minds .

The birth of Lifechanyuan is absolutely no accident, which is not only the necessity of civilization development, but the arrangement of the Greatest Creator. What Lifechanyuan does is not to usurp the power of some country, political party or religion, but to disseminate the knowledge of the Greatest Creator and to rescue mankind. Lifechanyuan does not go so far as same as vulgar and philistine.

Now, Lifechanyuan is the only hope to defuse the contradiction and crises of human beings. With the approaching of New Year, I hope that various governments and religious groups accept the value of Lifechanyuan with enlightened mentality, reverence to the Greatest Creator, life and nature with humble attitude and follow the words of the Greatest Creator. In this way, maybe the Greatest Creator will give a way out and offer a slim chance of survival for human for us to escape from disasters.

Human beings will enter into Lifechanyuan era in 2013. I hope more people can enter into Lifechanyuan era. And it would be better that all 6.5 billion people will enter into Lifechanyuan era. The direction is given; what you are going to do depends on your own choice.


Bright future for everyone!




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