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“Make” a Premium-quality Life
Deiform Celestial
The products made in factories are classified into different ratings, there are premium-quality products, inferior-quality products, defective products, and waste products. Due to varying technologies and varying levels of professional dedication of different workers, different quality levels of products are produced from the same mold.

In the same field and with the same seeds, because the operators’ levels of experience and diligence are different, the quantity of their crops will also be very different.

Everyone shares inborn natures of God, Buddha, and Celestial beings, and the natures of matter, animals, and humanity. Due to the differences of time,  family environment, education, self motivation, and other variables, some people will eventually achieve glorious premium-quality lives, while others are forced to endure inferior-quality lives or even lives filled with suffering.

Although human history has existed for thousands of years, nobody has ever given clear guidance to people on how to “make” a premium-quality life, so I will venture to share my opinion on this topic.
A premium-quality life has the characteristics of these following eight qualities:

1. They must create something for society and let many people benefit from it. What they attain must be far less than what they contribute.

2. They never hurt anyone, but if they do cause unintentional pain or suffering, they must compensate their victims fairly.

3. They bring joy and hope to many people.

4. There is only love, but no hatred in their hearts.
5. They are diligent, simple, kind, honest, and trustworthy, and they must dare to take responsibility for their actions.

6. They revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE and nature, and they are cultivated and civilized.

7. They love many people, and are loved by them in return.

8. They are kind, understanding, full of vitality, and they are positive and optimistic.

As long as one can reach the above eight standards, they will lead a premium-quality life.

I can assure you that most people want to achieve the standards of premium-quality lives, but how can they achieve it?

Jade cannot become beautiful art without skillful carving, gems cannot become shining ornaments without processing, and one cannot be a premium-quality person without cultivation. No matter how good-looking the mold is, if the materials are not processed correctly, they cannot become useful products.

I propose the following eight ways which should be enough to help guide you toward achieving a premium-quality life.

1. Choose the people you befriend and the groups with whom you associate cautiously. “He who stays near cinnabar gets red, he who stays near ink gets stained black”. Be with those who are cultivated, positive, and optimistic. Avoid associating with those who are negative and pessimistic, and who complain and disrespect others.

2. Be grateful at all times on everything and in all places. As long as you have the ability to help people, do not haggle over every ounce, but rather contribute your talents and wisdom unconditionally.

3. Be a lifelong diligent worker, attain fruits through your own labor and creation, do not be greedy, and do not cling to anything that does not rightfully belong to you.

4. When dealing with benefits, whether it is between brothers and sisters, friends and relatives, neighbors and acquaintances, or coworkers and associates, you should lag behind and award the most benefits to others.

5. Never put chains on the people you love, on the contrary, allow them the widest birth and the most freedom.

6. Help others to achieve success, never be jealous or become barriers to them.

7. Have more than eight bosom friends who treat each other with sincerity.

8. Revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, revere nature, and walk on the way of the Greatest Creator.
Life is a Kaleidoscope, the kinds of flowers that will blossom depend on its physical structure, and the kind of life that one can achieve depends on the structure of their consciousness. Therefore, the core question is not on the elements of the uncontrollable, objective environment, but on the interior quality of the people themselves.

“As you approach the mountain, you will learn the tweeting of birds, as you approach the water, you will know the free swimming of fish”;“As you worship the Buddha, you will acquire the nature of the Buddha, as you seek celestial beings, your dream of becoming one will materialise”.

As long as we have the will to make premium-quality lives, we will realize this ideal unconsciously. It is an imperceptible process.

I hope everyone will achieve premium-quality lives.

December 10, 2006

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