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Laborers are the Most Respected here



The most respected people in Lifechanyuan are not the exceptional functions, the wise men, the greatest talker, self-centered people, learners of the classic doctrines and moralizers etc., but the laborers.

The builders of Lifechanyuan are the laborers, which include the people managing the website and homeland, the people writing for Chanyuan on the basis of Lifechanyuan values, the people in the other websites reprinting the corpus of Lifechanyuan, the people machining gems, the people follow the plaster on the internet to praise and encourage Chanyuan Celestials, the people who prefer searching the articles, music and pictures according to truth, goodness, beauty, love, honesty, credit and then reprinting them on this website, the people who kindly and sincerely discuss, exchange, experience about life, time, space and human life.

The laborers may not write articles filled with wits and wisdoms, may be short of the debated talents, may be too stupid to show one's intelligence, may be with ordinary performance, may unable to explain Buddhist doctrine or Tao, may be unable to recite or apply the paragraphs or sentences in the classics, but their souls are the most beautiful and their conducts can prove that they have obeyed the instructions of the Jesus, Buddha, LaoTzu and the Sages.

It is impossible to amaze the people with a single brilliant feat here. Here one needs to work and make a tribute silently in a down-to-earth way, and the merits of Lifechanyuan are the examples for us to learn.

If one wants to be respected by others, one has to become an arduous laborer.


November 22, 2007

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