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An Invitation to Global Communities for Alliance with the Second Home




July 24, 2011



Dear friends:


We all have the same dream to make this earth a fairyland for people who are kind, honest, diligent, simple, and trustworthy, and to let all future generations enjoy happy, joyful, free, and blessed lives forever.


It would be impossible to realize this beautiful ideal if only a few thousand people work for it, so this dream can only come true with the joint efforts of people from around the world who are willing to commit themselves unselfishly; that is, to devote their full lives to it.


In China, we have created a new life mode - The Second Home of Lifechanyuan - in only two years. Our experiences have proven well that this new life mode has a very bright future. We have reached the first milestone toward this dream and expect that with gradual improvement, it will become the most ideal life mode for everyone.


The new life mode of the Second Home has these eight (8) characteristics:


1. No one worries about the matters of survival such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death. Everyone has a job or jobs to do, a place to live, clothes to wear, and food to eat.


2. No one struggles to support their parents and children. Supporting parents and nurturing children are communal, not personal concerns. Individuals have no debts between each other.


3. No one owns anything but everyone has everything. There are no marriages, traditional families, or personal property.


4. “No one pockets anything found on the road and doors can be left open in the evening”; trouble is rarely found.


5. Paradise management means that no management is the best management. There are no leaders or managers, so no one is led or managed. Everyone does their best work and takes what they need freely from the community. People all comply with the principle of no luxury and no waste.


6. Our living environments are clean, orderly and pleasant. Everybody is positive, happy, and healthy, and there is perfect harmony between people and people, people and society, and people and nature.


7. No one is lazy and everyone refuses to be parasitic.


8. Everyone tries their best to bring into full play their own qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty. Everything and everyone leads toward a better future.


We invite all communities in the world, whether they are Utopian, Communal, or Idyllic, and no matter which country, region, ethnic group, culture, or religion you are part of, to contact us and become our friends. Let us work together to create the most ideal lifestyle for everyone.


We wish to offer these eight (8) suggestions for forming our alliances:


1. Exchange information and experience that we might learn from each other.


2. Exchange community members. As a start, we could send two or three people to each other’s communities.


3. Promote our successful experiences and share them with other communities elsewhere.


4. All Communications will be done online and personal meetings will be unnecessary.


5. No disputes or unresolved differences, as everything is done voluntarily.


6. Each community would maintain its own character and identity, as none would interfere with any others and there would be no common “laws”. Let each one blossom on its own and allow a variety of different communities.


7. Religious belief is generally not discussed. The main focus of  communities is on how to make every member happy, joyful, free, and blessed, and how to improve harmony between individuals, between the individual and the group, and between people and nature.


8. No intervention in or attack on any secular society. There will be no intervention in or attack on any secular government, political or religious party, propertied class, organization, or group.


Life is a game which we should make as enjoyable as possible. There is no need to stick to the past and nothing should hold us back. No one can escape death, so why do we not just live our lives to their fullest? Let us show our passion and make our Life journeys the most happy, valuable, and meaningful ones possible!


You are very welcome to contact us through the following websites:


1. New Oasis for Life (English): http://www.newoasisforlife.org

2. Lifechanyuan forum (English): http://www.lifechanyuan.org

3. Lifechanyuan forum (Chinese): http://www.lifecosmos.org

4. New Oasis for Life (previous the Second Home) (Chinese): http://www.lifelvzhou.org


With best regards and looking forward to hearing from you!

Xuefeng, Founder of Lifechanyuan & the Second

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