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Xuefeng’s Manifesto  to Corrupt Officers and Dark Power




In today’s peaceful China, there still exist a group of corrupt officers and dark power who violate laws, bully the kind, confounding black and white, and stop at no evils even in broad daylight.

We have walked to today, and have suffered enough bullying and humiliation from corrupt officers and dark power. We cannot stand it anymore, and I hereby want to “declare war” on you.

Numerous people have sacrificed their precious life in order to realize the loftiest ideal and for the interests of all humanity. Their blood cannot be paid in vain. Today I want to take over previous martyrs’ unfulfilled cause, and will fight to death for this great ideal.

Today, we have realized the absolute communal lifestyle within a small group. And you want to nip this flower in the bud, but I tell you, it is impossible!

You have used despicable means by threat, intimidation, and slander: damaged the road, cut the power and telephone cables, broke the water pipe, grabbed the camera by force, shoved young kids, and harassed community members at night, to forcibly occupy the home of many kind and diligent people and order them to move out. You use your power to commend the Public Security Bureau including the Domestic Safeguard Team to create difficulties and make sufferings to our souls. You threated and intimidated the landlords to terminate our lease contracts, and stated that you wanted to drive the entire community away from Yunnan province within the next three to four months. You have committed innumerable crimes and lost your humanity.
You people intruded into our home, and searched our rooms and acted viciously. We were around by you. You intimidated local villagers to besiege us and forced your way in. You took pictures and videos arbitrarily and deleted the data in our camera by force. You came without presenting any documents or identifications but only give verbal orders, are you people different from bandits?

Because we are a group of people who voluntarily gather together to have a communal way of life, and we did not register with any relevant government departments, you then stated that we are an illegal organization. I want to ask you, what is the meaning of “illegal”? We never violate Chinese laws or commit crimes, and we never harm nature, the society, and people’s life. Is it illegal that we choose a communal lifestyle? Are your behaviours legal?

You organized forty people to besiege us for almost two weeks and forcibly occupied our home without giving us any compensation. What kind of people are you? You came as a team of about 16 police officers just to request some of us to get temporary residence permits. What do you want to do? You want to show us your strong power?

President Mr. Xi Jinping has told you to “value the initiative of masses”. The Third Plenary Session of Eighteen Central Committee has approved that CPC should “encourage the initiative of masses”. Did you not hear it or you do not understand it? Do you want to go against with central Chinese government?

You think that you can do anything as long as you are in authority. You think you can bully people and prey on them arbitrarily. You think that we are afraid of you. Let me tell you, you are wrong!

Civilization is never afraid of barbarism. The good is never afraid of the evil. Brightness is never afraid of darkness. The masses are never afraid of corrupt officers. We will never succumb to your despotic power! No way!

How long can you continue this reckless attack? And how long can you still cover the sky and tyrannise us? Let us see whether you will make us die of famine or short of resources. Let me tell you, your last day is coming soon, you are making your last crazy attacks and death struggles.

God's mill grinds slow but sure. Your wickedness will be unable to escape the net of justice! 


Dec 03, 2013

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