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FAQs Concerning Lifechanyuan



Q-1: What kind of institution is Lifechanyuan?

A: Lifechanyuan is neither a political organization, a religious group, a company, nor an enterprise. We are the home of human spirits and souls and will not establish any for-profit entity. We integrate the profound wisdom of all the saints and celestials in human history with the main scientific achievements and various religious perspectives pointing toward a clear path for the survival and development of humanity. We are a habitat for human spirits and souls and the spiritual home for ordinary, kind, honest, diligent, and wise people, and also a college that teaches the meanings of life and LIFE and a transit station for those who possess perfect human natures and strive for higher-level spaces of LIFE.


Q-2: What is the significance of Lifechanyuan’s birth?

A: People are now faced with a potentially huge crisis which concerns our complete survival. The significance of the birth of Lifechanyuan at this time is to help people survive this crisis. When a leaf withers and falls, it does not mean that any special event will happen, but when all the leaves are doing so, it must mean that "winter is coming". Similarly, when a person turns their back on the Greatest Creator, it does not mean that troubles lie ahead for mankind, but when the vast majority of mankind turns their backs on the Greatest Creator, their nature is lost and they become greedy, selfish, cunning, and “smart”, it means that “the winter of human society is coming”. You can refer to the articles and information in recent reports about climate change and at the http://www.smcyintenatioanalfamily.com website and this can help you to understand the significance of the birth of Lifechanyuan.


Q-3: Is it possible for Lifechanyuan to help humans survive the coming freezing winter?

A: Definitely! In April of 2009, I warned everyone that the so-called “end of the world in 2012” would not happen, but that rather than doomsday coming suddenly, it will increase gradually with more and more serious natural climatic changes. Alas, little changes happen gradually, but great changes take place instantly and natural climate changes over the past eight years have demonstrated my predictions fully. If humanity as a whole fails to awaken to this last-minute danger and we do not change our traditional production and life model immediately, then the entire natural ecology will collapse within fifteen to twenty years and humanity will be in great danger. Climate changes will become more and more volatile; droughts, floods, hurricanes, intense heat, and severe cold will attack us, and fires, floods, and plagues from insects and pestilence will happen. The number of refugees will grow geometrically and people will compete for resources just to survive. As a result, conflicts and competition between states, interest groups, religious and political groups, and patriarchal clans will become more intense and the situation will become absolutely tragic; even cut-throat. Every day will be a contest between life and death and that will be the “chilly winter for human society”. Then, who will be fortunate enough to survive the calamity and survive in the "chilly winter"? The answer is that those who have entered into Lifechanyuan will escape the calamity.


Q-4: What is Lifechanyuan’s goal?

A: First, we will do our best to prevent that "chilly winter" from befalling the human world, but if we find it impossible to prevent, then souls who have entered Lifechanyuan will be sent to the Thousand-year World to survive "the chilly winter", and they will embrace the “Dawn of the Millenium" in the future.


Q-5: Could Lifechanyuan save all people?

A: This is Impossible! Lifechanyuan can only save one percent of mankind.


Q-6: Why not everyone?

A: It is not that Lifechanyuan would not want to save everyone, but the majority of people are unwilling to be saved by us because they prefer money, power, fame, and high status over their own LIVEs. This is putting the cart before the horse by refusing to repent, so how would it be possible to save them? As for many other people who do not covet those worldly pleasures, they are stubborn, confused, and under the control of evil spirits; they are unable to relax and perceive; it is also impossible to save them.


Q-7: Then, who can be saved?

A: Those with spirituality as well as perfect human nature.


Q-8: How will you implement the rescue work?

A: Actually, the so-called “rescue” refers here to the salvation of souls. Therefore, Lifechanyuan is only a revelation and the salvation of souls depends only on yourselves, so the key to accessing Lifechanyuan lies in your own hands.


Q-9: How can people enter into Lifechanyuan?

A: Firstly, you need to know and understand Lifechanyuan. Anybody who wants to enter Lifechanyuan must ponder over questions of thinking, the universe, time and space, LIFE (spirit and soul), life, humanity, morality, and so on, because it will only possible for you to find your key to Lifechanyuan when your understanding and perception achieves a certain realm and only your spirit and soul can enter Lifechanyuan.


Q-10: Is Lifechanyuan the only way to be saved?

A: No! As long as you trust in and take the Way of the Greatest Creator, and possess a perfect human nature, then you will be saved. Lifechanyuan only guides people to believe in and take the Way of the Greatest Creator.


Q-11: Why are Lifechanyuan’s articles written in Chinese rather than English?

A: Buddha said, "Your Eastern land is in the Southern Continent of Jambu. The sky is high and the soil is deep with much land but few people; the people are greedy and bloodthirsty, they have become comfortable with rumours and lies, prefer deception and bullying, and lack loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, and righteousness; I have Three Stores of scriptures to instruct them on how to be free from suffering and to deliver all beings from torment".  


Xuefeng says: "Your Eastern land ignores the Three Stores of scripture. The sky is low and the soil is barren with little land but many people; the people have become ignorant of god and Buddha and of the law and nature, the people are still greedy and bloodthirsty, they remain comfortable with rumours and lies, prefer deception and bullying, and lack loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, and righteousness; I have Lifechanyuan that can make the dead come back to life and deliver all beings from torment.”

China is the most populous country with the most serious crisis in the world. If China collapses, then a terrible disaster might encircle the globe. Without any regard to importance or priority, the articles of Lifechanyuan must be written first in Chinese.


Q-12. What is meant by, “To unify all religions into one uniform belief system”?

A: “To unify all religions into one uniform belief system” is an inevitability for the development of human wisdom and spirituality. It neither depends on anyone’s will nor does it mean that all religions will be unified into Lifechanyuan. Rather, it means that the organizations and forms of all religions will disappear. The theoretical basis of Lifechanyuan is the Bible, the Diamond Sutra, the Qur’an, and the Tai Te Ching, and our instructors are Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammad (PBUH), and Lao Tzu. Lifechanyuan also absorbs all the thoughts and spiritual achievements from both antiquity and modernity, both Chinese and foreign. Therefore, Lifechanyuan contains the spiritual core of the major religions and the wisdom of the gods, Buddha and Celestials, and human saints and sages. The only purposes are to instruct people on how to break from the shackles of their souls and to achieve the goal that humanity will establish faith in and take the Way of the ONLY Greatest Creator. This is the meaning of, “To unify all religions into one uniform belief system”.


Q-13. What kind of faith should people have from the perspective of Lifechanyuan?

A: The Father, loved by Jesus; Buddha’s ancestor, praised by Sakyamuni; Allah, worshipped by the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH); and the creator of Tao, revered by Lao Tzu; all of the four titles of respect refer to the Greatest Creator, the Spirit who should be loved, praised, worshiped, and revered by all people. It is only by adhering to a singular faith that people can have a common direction and only by having that common direction that they can resolve enmity, cooperate hand in hand, and maintain peace and the ecological balance of the Earth. Finally, people will be free from ignorance and fatuity and enjoy real human lives.


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