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Lifechanyuan's Position on Homosexuality

Deiform Celestial


Homosexuality is not something new and has been there since ancient times. Different people have different attitudes toward it. However, it is generally repulsive whether from religious doctrines or the common moral judgments.

Lifechanyuan’s attitudes toward homosexuality are non-excluding, non-discrimination, non-encouragement and non-support.

Religionist, socialist, psychologist, psychiatrist and sexologist all participate in the discussion about homosexuality phenomenon. However, they seldom provide a proper solution. I will start by asking the question: how does homosexuality occur?

The major cause of homosexuality is society. At early youth of adolescent development, everybody wishes to explore the mystery of sex. However the society detests the intimate sex relationships between teenagers of different sex, so they tend to draw closer to the same sex which is acceptable by both the society and parents. So homosexuality tendency easily occurs in early youth. In this sense, everybody is homosexual. But as they grow up, most people fall in love and get along with opposite sex, get married and live a normal life. Due to the restriction of kinds of objective factors, a small group of people have not found the channels to release their love and sex to opposite sex timely, so they finally move towards homosexuality.

Homosexual is not an evil, but a kind of confusion to love and sex. It is an abnormal life style.

Lifechanyuan reveres to life; so we love homosexual same as we love all other people, animals and plants. We do not discriminate homosexual, regarding them as ugly or shame, surely neither nobler than others.

Generally speaking, no matter they are of same sex and opposite sex, as long as they love each other and bring no harm to society, they are free. Homosexuals are entitled to live the life style they like and should not be blamed or punished. As long as they live a joyful and happy life, we have no authority to condemn and embarrass them.

However, from the perspective of self-improvement and self-refinement and the desire of being a celestial, homosexual is a wrong tendency. “Both Yin and Yang construct Tao; short of one of them is a disease”. Yin and Yang exist harmoniously that is Tao; homosexual is against the principle of Tao, also against the original intention of the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator create male and female, keep the proportion in scope of 51%and49%; and the Greatest Creator made people live a life of heterosexual rather than homosexual.

Homosexual, adultery, prostitution, incest and having sex intercourse with animals are improper phenomena; and the appearance of these phenomena is resulted from society and incorrect concept of love and sex. Love and sex are precious gifts that the Greatest Creator bestows to human being; to enjoy love and sex is a God-given right for human beings. But human beings set up a lot of difficulties to have love and sex. Especially the marriage life, it restrains love and sex into a limited domain, waste lots of love and sex resources, make many people can’t meet their love and sex requirement, enforce people into homosexual, prostitution, adultery, and even having sex with animal.

“Three Realms rely on heart, myriad principles rely on consciousness”. All words and deeds are controlled by consciousness. Homosexual is a long-time psychological habit. As long as we deepen understanding and shape our thinking, a homosexual will turn into heterosexual. Of course, it needs the cooperation of the whole society to provide a relax environment for love and sex.

Lifechanyuan’s attitudes toward love and sex and its analysis of the era of Lifechuanyuan are to create a harmonious, comfortable and free environment for humankinds. Only when we get into the Lifechanyuan era, the phenomena of homosexual, adultery, prostitution, incest and having sex with animal can disappear forever; people can enjoy normal love and sex life sufficiently.

We must realize homosexual is abnormal both physical and mental; it violates the character of Tao and the will of the Greatest Creator. Only when we realize it is an illness, we can find the proper way to cure it.

I wish all homosexuals get into Lifechanyuan. In Lifechanyuan, we love you and treat you equally without any discrimination; we work together to adjust our thinking and values in a silently and unconsciously manner. We make our speeches and actions fit the Greatest Creator’s Tao unconsciously to achieve celestial quality. We will enjoy life in Heaven, thousand-year world, ten-thousand-year world, Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent after we leave the man’s world.

Extend our sympathy and best wishes to all homosexuals.


Dec 13th, 2006.


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