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More thoughts on How to Apply into Lifechanyuan



Lifechanyuan is not a political party or a religion organization.

Lifechanyuan is a habitat of soul, where the secret of universe, time and space, humankind, lifetime and life is discussed and explored with the purpose of improving the spiritual nature of human beings, Lifechanyuan provide a broader space of flying every human mind rather than putting more spiritual shackles. Thus, we call it "getting into Lifechanyuan" instead of "joining Lifechanyuan"

What will we do here in Lifechanyuan?

The main job is to purify our mind out of those wrongdoings and refresh our nature. The soul of human life is actually clean and pure; the purer of our refreshing, the higher of the nature of Tao, and the much more possible for seeing Tathagata. Tathagata is the Greatest Creator. Therefore, you need to get into Lifechanyuan with your spirit and soul.

Who will wash the dirt in our hearts?

It's we ourselves. In The Diamond Sutra, we are taught that it is not Buddha, but we ourselves can make a help for us. In Lifechanyuan, the Tao of the Greatest Creator, the secret of the universe and life will be preached in the most popular words. So, it is an individual matter whether you will have perception or not. Some people come here and have perception of being baptized, while some do not have any change in and out of Lifechanyuan. The reason is individual is different in spiritual nature and comprehension. If you have any plan for sharing your perception or if you hope you could explore the secret of the universe and life with others, or exchange your puzzles on lifetime, or even if you want to make comments or critical remarks on Lifechanyuan, you may send e-mail to us. Any valuable speech full of wisdom and spiritual nature will be absorbed by us and will become part of Lifechanyuan.


In short, the characteristic of Lifechanyuan can be summarized as the following.

2. lifechanyuan is neither a political party nor a religious organization, which will not set up any formal institution or absorb any "disciples" or "followers" into it. Lifechanyuan is a habitat of soul, a virtual presence; it only exists in negative-universe and spiritual world.

2. It is only the heart and soul could get into Lifechanyuan, and the key for getting into Lifechanyuan is in your own hands too. Lifechanyuan is free for getting into and getting out; no formal procedures will be asked and no obligations will be performed. There is no restriction for leaving Lifechanyuan too.

3. There is no secular institution being set up in Lifechanyuan, therefore no political and social activities, or religious rites will be held and any secular customs will be invalid here too. It is impossible to get the "ticket" for Lifechanyuan by power, money, fame and physical charm. There is no way for the "ticket" except to being a good man and improving the spiritual nature.

4. Accessing the website of Lifechanyuan is not the same as getting into Lifechanyuan, and Lifechanyuan is not the only approach for Tao too. I wish everyone who accesses the website of Lifechanyuan would be enlightened and acquire new perception of lifetime, and every celestials, saints and sages would experience the secret of the Tao of the Greatest Creator. I wish they would possess the heart of Jesus and Bodhisattva, Seeking wisdom form Tao and show mercy to all living creatures; at the same time of apprehending the doctrine of Tao and making self-improvement of Tao, I wish they could give relief and help to all mortal beings out of the abyss of misery and reach the Other Side by using your spiritual nature and wisdom.

5. What is spread in Lifechanyuan is the Tao of the Greatest Creator. I wish everyone who have been baptized by Lifechanyuan would be a messenger of practicing the Tao of the Greatest Creator, cleaning the dirt and filth in the world while purifying their soul; I wish the sound of the Greatest Creator resound through the mortal world.

6. Lifechanyuan will not have any objection for anyone to joining any religion or political party, and will also hope the disciples of religions and members of political parties could have a chance for acquiring some emancipation from Lifechanyuan and renew themselves.

7. What Lifechanyuan aims at is the life, heart and soul of human beings, rather than any religions, political parties or social groups.

8. The Tao of the Greatest Creator would be preached in the most popular word in Lifechanyuan and what will be discussed is the secret of life in the universe. It is totally an individual matter whether you would have perceptions or not. Each religion group and each thought have different proposals; among which right and wrong, good and evil exist at the same time and each has its own merits and limitations. It is an individual matter for making comparisons and absorbing the "nutritious part" for improving one's future of life, possessing much more freedom in lifetime, and improving one's spiritual nature and wisdom. Not obsessing or being bound by any group's or any individual preaching, it is only through this way may it be possible for accessing the Tao of the Greatest Creator at ease.


April, 27,2004

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