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Eight Footstones for a Successful Life





1. Believe in the Greatest Creator Firmly


The Greatest Creator is the source of LIFE and wisdom, and this fundamental guarantee leads to higher LIFE spaces. Life that departs from the Greatest Creator is devilish life and is destined to be ruined.


2. Follow the way of Tao


Tao is truth, the source of spirit and soul, and the bridge or channel of attaining eternal life. It is also a sufficient and necessary condition for sublimating LIFE quality. A life without following Tao is an illusion, as transitory as a night-blooming flower.


3. Respect your National Leaders


The president, king, or chairman of a country, is the leader of a societal group, and a society without a leader is a disordered society which will surely be unstable. Respect for the president or king is a necessary quality of every citizen. Desecration of or resistance to the president or king often results in a loss of the basic quality of being a citizen, such people will surely lead  stormy and turbulent lives.


4. Be Filial and Respect your Parents


Heaven has the Tao of heaven, hell has the Tao of hell, and the same holds true for people. Being filial and respectful to ones parents is one of the main principles we should follow as human beings. Our parents are the roots of LIFE’s bodies on earth, and if we are not filial and do not respect our parents, then we will be destroying the roots of our lives, and such lives without roots will lead people to become lost and lonely souls.


5. Be Trustworthy and Have Integrity


We cannot be trusted without integrity, and once we lose our integrity, we will slip downward into the lower LIFE spaces of demons, devils, ghosts, and monsters, and join the camp of devils. Although wearing the “skin” of a person, such a LIFE does not belong to a human being any more.


 6. Be Diligent and Motivated


Laziness leads to ignorance and poverty, being gluttonous, lazy, and wandering around all day without purpose, and these are the wastrel's lifestyle. “An inch of time is an inch of gold, but even an inch of gold cannot buy back an inch of time”, life should not be wasted at any moment, but should cherish time and seek happiness in struggles. Those who are studious and motivated have bright splendid futures, but those who are shiftless, negative, and pessimistic can only have tragic lives.


7. Be Courageous


 Do not make trouble but do not fear trouble either, dare to face reality and let yourself go, be good at winning but dare to be defeated, be able to come back after being destroyed utterly, be able to hold the sword, fight on a running horse, and rush toward difficulties, always remain calm before danger, and be fearless and dauntless in the face of death.


 8. Love Collective Life


 In nature there are unexpected storms, and in life, unpredictable vicissitudes. How much energy can single individuals have? Can they face heavy crises and changeable situations alone? Even if they achieve great success by themselves and own enormous amounts of wealth, if they have no trustable friends and close partners with whom to share their happiness and pains, what is the value of it?


 Everyone shows their own magical powers and crosses the seas together, like the eight immortals flying across the sea (from a famous Chinese fairytale). Everyone appreciates and takes care of each other, like a transformer can not only fight well separately but also cooperate well with other parters, and becomes an invincible fighter when combined into one.


Life without love for collective life is a sad life and suffers much loneness.


Above are the eight footstones of a successful life, and none of them can be excluded.


August 22, 2005 

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