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Let Lifechanyuan be Known to All the World!



Lifechanyuan ascends on the historical stage of the 21st century with its brand-new concept, it exceeds narrow concepts of political parties, religion, nation, country, and uncovers a new chapter of the development of humankind with new vision, and it will usher human beings to a brand new era -the Lifechanyuan Era.

Congregating religion and science, Lifechanyuan expounds comprehensively the emergence of the universe and the Greatest Creator, the origin of life and human beings, the mystery of time and space, the value of life, the meaning and purpose of life, the crisis facing by humankind, the future of humankind, the origin and function of the moon, especially the meaning of life, the levels of life, and the connotation and extension of Tao.

Lifechanyuan inherits and upholds the thinking and wisdom of Jesus Christ, Buddha, previous saints, prophet, and sages; it congregates the spiritual sense developing, self improving and self refining, preserving health, conducting oneself, sublimating spirituality, and the information of the new era. It sublimates the consciousness of humankind to a level that has never been perceived, and lays the foundation of thinking for humankind to entering into the Lifechanyuan Era in 2013.

The theoretical bases of Lifechanyuan are "Abnormal Thinking", "The Greatest Creator", "Time and Space of the Universe", "Revelation", "Truth of Life", "Humans", "Human Life", "Self-Refinery", "Self-Improvement", "Life", "Nourishing Of Life", "Wisdom", "Buddhahood", "Cultivation of Immortal", "Preaching", "Antimaterial World", "XueFeng Corpus", articles of masters of both home and abroad from ancient times to modern times, and inspirations and recognitions of Chanyuan Celestials in Lifechanyuan.

36-dimentional space, eight modes of thinking, and 80 new concepts, ect., put forward by Lifechanyuan are epoch-making wisdom, and will play an incredible role in changing completely the thinking mode of humankind and turning them into the members of new humankind.

Lifechanyuan advocates reverence to the Greatest Creator, life, nature, God, and Buddha, respecting parents, and taking the way of the Greatest Creator. These are the core conditions of building the harmonious mechanism of humankind and gods, humankind and nature, humankind and other life, people and people, and are the necessary and sufficient conditions of humankind entering into the new era.

Lifechanyuan implements the strategy of all religions returning to the origin, and completely eradicates conflicts and unharmonious factors of humankind due to the differences in ideology of religion, political party, nation, country, etc. It will usher humankind into a peaceful era--the Lifechanyuan Era.

The marks of Lifechanyuan Era are: religion, political party, country dying out; war, disease, hunger, crime disappearing, family tie disintegrating; spirit and soul enjoyment replacing material enjoyment; natural disaster relieving; humankind being led by saints and managed by sages; no one pockets anything found on the road, doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening for no thieves drop in; everything thriving, harmonious and quiet; persons of virtue won't be abandoned away from government, honesty prevails throughout the world.

Lifechanyuan Era will last for one thousand years; people can live up to 500 years old, and the ideal paradise craved by humankind will be built.

Lifechanyuan will not only let people enjoy the happiness of this life, but also instruct people to prolong life to the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world, and the Elysium world through the refining of thinking.

Since Lifechanyuan put forward regulating the life of universe of 2013, prophecies of Mayan, Martian, astrology, Tibetan monks successively became known to the world. The irrelevant information foretells large scale disaster might take place on earth in 2009, and thorough change might happen to earth in 2013. The information inosculates with new era information, words of Jesus Christ and Sakyamuni, Nostradamus - Prophecy and Prediction Tui bei tu, 24 Volumes on Military Strategy etc. So, it's an important period of life and death.

Saving thousands and hundreds of lives is an emergency. People with telegnosis and people who want to enter into the Lifechanyuan Era should give up personal interests, and devote their precious time to promote the magnificent career of Lifechanyuan. They not only have to spend all their time to improve and refine, but also need to help others to get to know Lifechanyuan, to do good deeds, to sublimate their consciousness and qualities. Hesitation and waiting in vain only result in time wasting, and it will turn into a shame of their lives.

Any good deed will work and will be embedded into their structures of life. Even if it is not for others, and to ourselves, we hope people who read this article will promote and construct Lifechanyuan, do your best to reprint articles of Lifechanyuan on other websites. Your efforts will not be in vain, the Greatest Creator's Tao will reward you.

Punishment might not be immediate but sure, fluke mind is the anesthesia and deception of oneself, doing good deeds is the only way out.

Let Lifechanyuan be known to the world!


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