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Welcome to the New Home of Lifechanyuan

Deiform Celestial


"A lonely stranger in a strange land would miss his family all the more on every festive day". The Home for soul is newly built up, people from all over the world are able to join and become neighbors. We miss someone everyday, yet we may not see him or her very often. Now that the Home is built up, our dream has finally come true. People from different parts of the world come to the Home, and our life embraces a fresh start.

Dear brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers:

Distinguished guests:

Welcome to Lifechanyuan the new home. Let us hold our hands and walk shoulder by shoulder to continue the life journey.

It has been three years and seven months since Lifechanyuan, home for soul and spirit of mankind, was established. Lifechanyuan has gone through many twists and turns in recent years, and now it come to the royal road at last. With green shade growing in the oasis, fountain trickling through the desert, gospel of heaven coming down from the sky, the preface to the idealistic era craved by human beings has appeared on the boundless and immeasurable horizon.

This is a home shared by Buddha, bodhisattva, angels, men and women with pure heats; it is the teaching hall where abnormal thinking and fantastic idea can survive and people getting to know the Greatest Creator, studying Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Mohammed the Prophet and Celestial LaoTzu; it is the passage through which telegnosis being opened, revelation being granted, 36-dimensional space being known, and the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and the Celestial Islands Continent of Elysium world being entered through temporal transverse direction; it is the starting point of the new era of Lifechanyuan for mankind, the headquarter of ideological structures, the cradle where spiritual masters being given birth to and nurtured, the paradise friends being made and lovers exchanging heartfelt words. In a word, this is the stage we ascend to the higher realm of life.

Open the windows and the sunlight and fresh air will come in. Take a broad view and you will see faraway mountains are fresh and green. Stay and study in Lifechanyuan will a new life begin. You will see clear paradise scenes. It has been proved that, having been baptized by the concepts of Lifechanyuan, people are different from ordinary people. They are unique and free from vulgarity, and come out of Egypt of mind. Men's race which is the life nonmaterial structure has sublimated to the life structure of Celestials of heaven. Consciousness has already cruised in the infinite and boundless universe.

Qiankun Buddha explained the body, facies and usage of Tao, Buddha of Taiji conveyed to us that mental state determines life of being and way of life; Foshan Buddha expounded the basic relationship among consciousness, structure and energy. Master Tianlai Celestial told us that targeting at the same aim, different ways would lead to different results. Tourist guide Deiform celestial Celestial proposed that Matter thinking, Visualized thinking, associative thinking, Illusive thinking, Heart-image thinking, Taiji thinking, Non-form thinking and holographic order thinking altogether depict the roadmap of heaven. Buddha, masters, fairies and faeries of Lifechanyuan are also intelligent. New thoughts occur to them everyday. There are hundreds of new notions in Lifechanyuan, which open up a fresh world for us.

Master Nan Ji, Master Ling Yuan, Master Qiao Jun, Master Ji Rui, etc., who have explored and practiced many self-refined ways convey us with their own experience that the self-refined ways of Lifechanyuan are most direct and effective. You have to deepen your understanding first, and transform the way of thinking. The core of Buddhaharma is transformation of the way of thinking. Nothing can't be accomplished, only are those one can't even imagine. The self-refine of Lifechanyuan is not for obtaining exceptional functions. However, we can foresee that there will be many Chanyuan Celestial with exceptional functions appear in the near future.

As long as getting along with each other at the backyard of Lifechanyuan for a while, unfamiliar people will become intimate brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers. Like a family, people will exchange heartfelt feelings, no argument, and no discrimination, no jealous, no doubt, people make joint efforts and combine together. The fact proves that Lifechanyuan is the best home under heaven, and one can never find a better place any more.

Lifechanyuan neither has rules nor regulations, let alone executive leaders. Chanyuan Celestial doesn't shoulder any duty or responsibility. People feel at ease under all circumstance, meet and leave by chance, do whatever they like and go anywhere according to their own will. People's acts are driven by inclinations of heart, yet they never across the moral line. Everyone has a moral court of conscience. They exert self-reflection, self-punishment, self-correction, and self-accomplishment. No one can impose his or her will to any other people.

The aim of Lifechanyuan is to hold high esteem in the Greatest Creator, life and nature, and to walk the Greatest Creator's way. As the highest state of life, we want to initiate Lifechanyuan Era. As the highest state of being, our ultimate goal is to go to the Celestial Islands Continent.

There is no long lane without turning. Passing through the dense fog, crossing the rough way of life, we finally find our home for soul. From now on, life will no longer felt lonely, confused, staggered and pathetic. The scene in front of us is magnificent, and our future is infinite and eternal. We are embraced by telegnosis of the Greatest Creator, and walk on His way. We are vigorous and healthy, and may all our wishes come true.

Confucius said when he was by the river time passes like this water.. Time is precious! Time is money, yet you can't buy it with money. The year 2013 is not far away, dear beloved, I love you, and we love you, don't hesitate, opportunity knocks but once. Come on! Let us take life as a game, join each other and travel to the Celestial Islands Continent to enjoy the eternity of life.



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