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Brothers and sisters, I feel very happy to be with you





Some brothers and sisters have asked me, “Guide, you have given up your favourable living conditions overseas and you gave up the upscale villa and three beautiful poetic Xanadus in Yunnan. Now you are in the Gobi, a place where it rarely rains and you live in such a simple and crude house. You drink the highly alkalinic and bitter, carcinogenic water. There are no toilets or bathrooms here. You live in such a sandy and dusty environment, do you not ever regret doing this?”


My answer is: My brothers and sisters! I feel very happy to be with you.


My heart is always full of joy. I have never felt so rich. The Greatest Creator never leaves me, and Buddha, Gods, Celestials, and Saints accompany me all the time. The Greatest Creator has bestowed upon me a group of brothers and sisters who are diligent, kind, simple, sincere, and trustworthy. Living with you, I feel very happy and blessed.


Joy, happiness, freedom, and blessings have not left me. Life is a journey of LIFE on earth; since it is a journey, whether the sceneries are good or bad, they are all sceneries; rich life or poor life, they are both lives; whether you gain or lose, at the end of the day, everything is empty. “Life is like a dream, everything disappears in the end, experience fully, and have no regrets in this life”. With the opportunity of experiencing such a simple life, it enriches my mind; experiencing the bitterness of human beings and life, I have no regrets at all. In fact, what I have seen are all beautiful sceneries, and I am surrounded by beauty. I see the endless, bright and splendid future.


The sum of positive and negative energy in the universe is zero, and what one gets and gives are always equal. If I keep giving, but take and enjoy little, this would be the best arrangement for me from Tao because all my “treasures” are now saved in heaven. I will surely have very big blessings in the future, and my future life will be very bright and wonderful. The same logic applies to my brothers and sisters who follow me too, and they will also have wonderful blessings and a brilliant LIFE future.


Joy comes from being with my brothers and sisters; happiness comes from creation; blessings come from selfless dedication; freedom comes from continuously climbing to the highest realms of life and LIFE. I have done all these and I have owned everything, so what “regrets” would I have?


Actually I am the one who gets the most. When more than ten brothers or sisters lived together in a room, they allowed me to live in a double room. Although it has a bunk bed and the space is small, it is still better than our brothers' and sisters' bedrooms. Look our five branch directors: Foyi still lives in a van; Shengong shares his room with other brothers; Bian lives in a small room with a bunk bed; Xintao and Hengde also share rooms with other brothers and sisters. These directors are doing the most heavy, dirty, and dangerous work every day. Please look at how Ende and Shenci celestial who are over eighty years old, and Jinci and Xuande who are over seventy, work every day and never complain. Our middle-aged and young brothers and sisters also work happily and whole-heartedly every day and nobody complains or expresses regrets. On the contrary, no matter whether in yesterday's Xanadu or today’s Gobi, as long as we live together, we can lead happy and harmonious lives together. There is always endless laughing and happiness. Who are such a group of people? Are they not a group of celestials?


In the past four years, without any support or help from external manpower, we Chanyuan celestials have accomplished brilliant achievements and a splendid culture. Those with great foresight can see this, and people living in the future will benefit from it. Although many people cannot understand us at the moment, and many people still laugh, scold, attack, and persecute us, our past and presence will finally be recorded in the history of human beings’ civilization. Those who persecute us will suffer the curse, and their behaviors will be recorded on the shame pole of human history.


Thank you, my dear brothers and sisters, you bring me joy and happiness. I would like to continue making such efforts and to continue going forward with you until we arrive on the Celestial island Continent.


We are clean, pure, civilized, and open. Let us bathe under the spiritual light of the Greatest Creator and continue to climb up the highest realm as always. Let us create a splendid future again: first some, then several, next dozens, and finally hundreds of Xanadus where people, society, and nature can coexist happily and harmoniously!


April 18,2014


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