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How to Get Along with Each Other in Lifechanyuan



All the Chanyuan-Celestials obtaining the life visas are the good babies of the Greatest Creator, the loyal disciples of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial Being LaoTzu and Prophet Muhammed, the relatives of Xue Feng-the tour guide of Lifechanyuan, and the relationship between them are brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers.

Among Chanyuan-Celestials, they are bound to love, care, encourage and forgive each other. Among them, there is no interest conflict, no discrimination, no quarreling or fighting, no implacable contradiction, but common belief, common value, common hobby and common future.

The excellent qualities of Chanyuan-Celestial are first reflected in the relationship of brothers and sisters; these who concern and love brothers and sisters are on the Tao of the Greatest Creator, are the ones who stick to the value of Lifechanyuan and respect the tour guide; otherwise, it means to hurt brothers and sisters, to deviate from the Tao of the Greatest Creator, to give up the value of Lifechanyuan and to hurt the tour guide.

When brothers and sisters meet difficulties, everyone can not turn a blind eye or turn a deaf ear to it, but shares each other's fortunes and difficulties.

When brothers and sisters are not happy, everyone can not gloat or satirize him but use the zealous words to warm him, intelligent words to enlighten him and let him know that he is not lonely; and he lives with all people and shares with the care of everyone.

When brothers and sisters make mistake, everyone should not rally together to criticize him or finish him off with a single blow but should forgive him, help him realize the mistake through salutary influence of education; in case of failing to realize his mistake, we should wait patiently and give him some chances to correct the mistake.

If brothers and sisters unintentionally commit a crime, everyone should not discriminate, ignore, despise and monitor him but forgive him; as long as he still stays in the homeland, we should love, help and influent him with our loves.

When brothers and sisters are in poor health, we should offer extra help on his daily life, provide him with the best food of the homeland, give him enough time to rest, speak the warm words to console him and afford him convenience as much as possible.

When brothers and sisters have their special hobbies, we should not deprive their hobbies but respect them, should not restrain but understand, and we should not struggle against them but work hard to satisfy their hobbies.

When brothers and sisters say something wrong unintentionally and even deliberately hurt you, you should not tit-for-tat or combat poison with poison but forgive him and treat him with a big heart.

When there is dispute or conflict among brothers and sisters, we should not tie up in knots, should not nurse a grievance, should not be indifferent to each other and should not hold grudges be strangers. We should learn to forgive.

We should never use the offensive words, broken-hearted words, caustic words, aggressive words, undue words but use the loveable words, cozy words, humorous words, sweet words, tender words towards brothers and sisters; we should never plant thistles and thorns among brothers and sisters.

We chat with each other but never talk about the mistakes of others; in this homeland, no matter what we talk about, where we talk and in what situation, we should avoid talking about right and wrong of brothers and sisters as far as possible, should not sprinkling salt on the wound of brothers and sisters or pouring oil on the sparks but fully respect the dignity and personality of brothers and sisters and fully protect the privacy of brothers and sisters.

We should never be on guard, monitor, supervise or track brothers or sisters, neither guess the feeling and thoughts of brothers or sisters, neither fight for anything of brothers or sister, neither kick up a fuss with one's brothers or sisters, neither abuse or beat up each other with one's brothers and sisters, nor take your own sisters or brothers to the court.

We would rather be bullied or hurt by our own brothers and sisters than to bully or hurt our own brothers or sisters; we would rather absolutely believe our own brothers and sisters, but never suspect a tiny bit our own brothers or sisters; we should leave the paths of life to brothers and sisters and leave the blind alley to ourselves in any difficult and hard situation.

Chanyuan-Celestials are the virtuous people who break away from the babbittry, are extraordinary people with a great heart, are the people who are going to Heaven and are the people who are not sentimentally attached to the human society, are the people who understand the value and meaning of human life and treat the scenery of the journey on human life with a sense of playfulness, are the people who learn of the secret of life, understand what the priority is and what the importance is so as to perfect one's nonmaterial structure and finally achieve the Arahat of Celestial Beings. There is nothing that we can not understand, we can not make allowance for and we can not forgive; especially for our own brothers and sisters, there is nothing we can not forgive.

All Chanyuan-Celestial are the relatives of Xue Feng, and I will be glad that they care, love and warm each other among relatives; I will be sad that they hurt, dispute and estrange each other among relatives.

Let's firmly step on the way guided by Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Celestial Being LaoTzu, Prophet Muhammad and the great man Mao Zedong so as to follow the Tao of the Greatest Creator; let's climb indomitably and constantly the summit of human life and life; let's march together happily, joyfully and peacefully to the Celestial Islands Continent!


December 22, 2009

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