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Bring Joy and Happiness to Others and Society



The purpose of life is to pursue joyfulness, freedom and happiness; no matter it is the social system and religious doctrine. No matter it is to run business or to hold mass organizations, both should depend on this purpose. Everything depending on this purpose corresponds to the Tao of Greatest Creator, the humanity and the meaning of civilization; otherwise it will be disordered and imperfect, and is deviated from the meaning of civilization.

Chanyuan Celestial is the most cultivated and most civilized people in human society, whose action is in strict accordance with the instructions of Christ Jesus, Buddha Sakyamuni, celestial being LaoTzu and the sages in the history. The goal of our living is to get into Heaven, the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world, the Elysium world or the Celestial Islands Continent; the purpose of our life is to enjoy joyfulness, freedom and happiness. That is to say, we should not only make ourselves live a life of joyfulness, freedom and happiness, but also make others gain a life of joyfulness, freedom and happiness.

It is Chanyuan Celestial's basic accomplishment to bring joyfulness, freedom and happiness to their parents, brothers and sisters, partner, children, neighbors, friends, workmates and other people whom we are destine to meet. The one who brings others worry, trouble, suffering, constraint, crises, danger, quarrel and fight is not a Chanyuan Celestial. Especially in the family of Lifechanyuan, Chanyuan Celestial has to bring joyfulness, freedom and happiness to each other. If they bring suffering to others, they would betray the values of Lifechanyuan and the Greatest Creator's Tao.

You have to suffer your share of pain and pay off your own debt by your efforts; you should build your own road and walk your own way; Chanyuan Celestial just pursues reality, goodness, beauty, love and honesty, desires to see the bright and brilliant aspects, desires for joyfulness, freedom and happiness; nobody can pour his worry, complaint, detestation, discontent and negative mood into Lifechanyuan family, even pollute the purified spiritual and mental spaces of other Chanyuan Celestials.

"God helps those who help themselves"; Lifechanyuan follows the principles of the nature. Every Chanyuan Celestial must be an independent, unhesitating and promising stronger instead of a complaining, indolent and helpless weaker. If you endeavor bravely, I will give you a helping hand; if you indulge yourself, then there is nothing I can do.

Before crossing the opposite shore, every Chanyuan Celestial is looking for his own survival everyone needs to be supported with increasing energy and the comfort of spirit and heart; it is forbidden to steal, grab and expend the energy of other Chanyuan-celestials; Chanyuan Celestial is a company to travel life together instead of an organization which is bounded together for responsibilities, obligations and liabilities. So every Chanyuan Celestial should be responsible for his words and actions, and for himself as well; you are the master of yourself, so whatever you say and do depends on your own will not on the enforcements of others; whenever you say foolish words and do foolish things, you should shoulder the responsibilities and you can't complain other Chanyuan Celestials.

Every Chanyuan Celestial must be clear that Lifechanyuan is not an organization with any nature. Lifechanyuan is a spiritual and mental homeland and will never be an organization of politics or religion; it will not impose responsibilities and obligations to anybody, neither will it be responsible for anybody. What Lifechanyuan publicizes and advocates is a kind of value on human life and life, it won't monopolize or replace the actions and living of anybody.

Please remember you take action by yourself, and it has nothing to do with other Chanyuan Celestials or Lifechanyuan. If you think you are cheated, I will say--you are not being responsible for yourself, you can't blame others.

Furthermore, I want to emphasize three points of view. Firstly, the identity of Xue Feng is a tour guide of human life and life rather than a boss and a leader of somebody, even not a master; whether the tourists follow the tourist map or not depends on their own will, the tour guide has no right and qualification to compel them; Secondly, our deeds must accord with words in Lifechanyuan; we never do things which are not written in Chanyuan Corpus, Xue Feng Corpus and Other Articles of Tour Guide; we never do something stealthily, what we are doing is fair and upright and should withstand the test of fact, science and logic and the monitoring by the human beings; 3. Xue Feng did not arrange any activities rather than the publicized in Lifechanyuan and network; there are not any activities in Lifechanyuan except for publicizing Chanyuan values and constructing Home without Marriage and Family on network and Lifechanyuan's website; if there are more than that it must have nothing to do with Lifechanyuan.

In a word, everyone must face the Greatest Creator directly, should be responsible for himself. You don't have to be responsible for other Chanyuan Celestials, for Lifechanyuan and for Xue Feng.

It is the grace of the Greatest Creator and our fortune to get into the spiritual and physical homeland to travel human life with people who think and work and echo with you. Every Chanyuan Celestial should value this opportunity and feel grateful. One should bring joyfulness, freedom and happiness to other brothers, sisters, relatives and lover as possible as they can, shouldn't desire to control or dominate others. In this family, we can talk our understanding on human life and life, talk our cognition to the universe, and talk the suggestions on constructing Chanyuan family and developing Lifechanyuan era; we can encourage and praise other Chanyuan Celestial. Chanyuan Celestial can communicate with each other, but they can't direct and educate brothers, sisters, relatives and lover in Lifechanyuan except for Saint Yang Heaven-Earth Buddha, Mortal World Heavenly King Foshan Buddha and Sage Taiji Buddha.

We shouldn't impose our will on others in the name of maintaining Lifechanyuan and Xue Feng's fame. As long as we bring joyfulness, freedom and happiness to others, we are doing merits and virtues, and creating the Lfiechanyuan era for humankinds.


June 9, 2008

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