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Confessions of Lifechanyuan - Everyone is equal before the Greatest Creator

Xuefeng, Xianhe Celestial


The physical energy or Tao of the Greatest Creator treats everything of the universe equally with no preference on any population or individual. Everything depends on the operation of Tao, such as whether we have the successful career, whether our families are harmonious, whether countries are prosperous and whether human beings can share the peace and tranquility.

If one follows Tao, one will be prosperous; otherwise one will perish. Troubles will not find you unless you are looking for them.

Lifechanyuan was born at the end of the 5th Years of the Sun and it is the last summon sent by God and Buddha to the human beings on the earth. Lifechanyuan thinks that the Greatest Creator dominates the universe, that God and Buddha are the messengers of the Greatest Creator, that human are the favorite children of God and Buddha. The universe shares the same body with life, and life coexists with the universe. life exists when the universe exists; no life no universe.

The Greatest Creator has arranged 36 pass of Eight Diagrams Arrays in the vast universe and in this way everyone's life can own an infinite good future. The na?ve Christians have the thousand-year world; the Taoists with noble morality have the ten-thousand-year world; and the Buddhists who reach the non-form state can directly enter into the Elysium World. One can enter into the supreme life space or not depends on whether one can decode the Eight Diagrams Array of the Greatest Creator.

The difference of people does not lie in their social position or their wealth but in the purity of spiritual nature. The higher the purity of spiritual nature, the truer the belief; the dirtier the spiritual nature, the faker the belief; the higher the spiritual nature, the more advanced the thinking; the lower the spiritual nature, the more bigoted the thinking.

In the human society, the spiritual nature of Celestial Beings, saints, sages and wise men is high and pure, and they are the people with great wisdom among all human beings. People have to possess three minimum conditions to survive in this world: namely, love the Greatest Creator, love Nature and love human beings themselves. Without above three conditions, people are not qualified to live in the homeland created by the Greatest Creator.

Lifechanyuan firmly believes that the current human is reveling at the edge of cliff and may fall into abyss in any unguarded moment. Human beings should understand their existing purpose on the earth, origin and destination. The Greatest Creator, God and Buddha have spent billions of years to build such a beautiful homeland; and since then there are human and civilization on the earth. However, human has polluted this homeland into a dirty and filthy waste yard for just thousands years; the Greatest Creator has arranged messengers to the Mortal World to enlighten human, but masses of people still ignore it and refuse to admit their errors. The wisdom of human is enough to govern themselves and the earth, while more and more people begin to ignore the Greatest Creator, lose their own nature and ruin the earth. More than that, people still try to kill each other, fight against each other and adopt a hostile attitude towards each other; they try to strife openly and secretly even among brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, colleagues, students, husband and wife, mother and daughters. The current human civilization is moving towards the end and it is necessary for human to have a thoroughly introspection on their own civilization.

Lifechanyuan rings alarm bell for human, which for some people is musical sound for others may be death toll. What one hears is musical sound or death toll completely depends on their spiritual nature. Lifechanyuan still believes all the natural and ecological disasters are not caused by the Greatest Creator, God or Buddha but by the bad consciousness and conducts of human; the illness of each person is not caused by nature but by imperfectness of personal soul and spirit; the problem of ecological collapse is not caused by the system but by the trouble of human nature and spiritual nature. Only from the perspective of human nature and spiritual nature, people can obtain the thorough understanding on the numerous plights and various natural and man-made disaster currently faced by human.

Different people have different spiritual natures. The deeper one involved into the secular society, the easier his spiritual nature is deceived; one is easy to go astray if he does not follow the great Tao but blindly self-refine and self-improve. Lifechanyuan is the homeland of human spiritual nature with the heart of Christ and Bodhisattva, and it comes to the Mortal World with the great love and pity of the Greatest Creator, God and Buddha in order to spread the Tao of the Greatest Creator. This homeland contains the wisdom of human and sows the hopes for humans; it is also willing to become the spiritual courier station for everyone on the way moving towards the beautiful future. Lifechanyuan still believes neither science nor religion can offer the intact answer for various abstruse puzzles of life, universe and human life confusions faced by human beings. Christianism gets to know the origin of life but can not understand the final destination of life; Buddhism gets to know the final destination of life but can not understand the origin of life. People in the religious conscience possess the spiritual nature but are short of reason; and the people in the scientific community possess reason but often are short of spiritual nature. The big wisdom needs not only spiritual nature but also reason. Only the Celestial Beings, saints, sages and the wise men in the human world are the ones possess the great wisdom with both reason and spiritual nature. And only they understand the microscopic world which can lead to the macroscopic universe; similarly the macroscopic universe can also lead to the microscopic world. The apices of the microscopic world do not exist in forms of fundamental particles, nor in form of string or superstring but operated in form of nonmaterial. Thus, they are the people who can percept the Greatest Creator in the depth of the microscopic world. Thereby, in human world only the Celestial Beings, saints, sages and the wise men understand not only the origin of life but also the final destination of life.

Lifechanyuan thinks that the despotic dictatorship system is the root of social disasters and the free democratic system is not really a panacea. Only by following the Tao of the Greatest Creator, human can bid farewell to hunger, illness, pestilence, crime, natural disaster, violence and war forever and move towards natural peace, composed freedom, healthful happiness; only this system can guarantee human beings with a good protection of themselves and the existing homeland-the environment and the belongings on the earth, realizing the harmony between human and Nature and safeguarding a good future for human beings and everyone. Lifechanyuan thinks the present life of human is the result of their past and everyone's present is the result of his own past; only when we understand this can we keep a serenity mind, instant wisdom and stop complaining everything around us and find the right direction to the right path. In order to get a good future for human beings, we need to think deeply; we can not let out your hatred with no reason and can not represent ignorant and shallow casually for temporary gain and loss, our own private interest and various kindness and enmity.

We need to "establish the true belief" in order to build a good future for human. Yin Zhenqiu sighed: "All evils and all the roots of illness today was the result of lacking true belief" "We do not establish the ultimate goal among all goals; we do not establish the highest principle among all principles; we do not form the highest faith among all faith; we do not set up the ultimate standard among all standards." "Without the ultimate goal, how can we choose specific way of life? "Without the highest principle, how can we set up the specific principle and to abide it invariantly and willingly?" "Without all these, our life will definitely be blind, empty and absurd" We need to "forge a new humanity" in order to offer a good and beautiful future for human.

D.H. Lawrence proposes: To survive, we need to work together and digest all the knowledge of human as a whole; we must work hard to integrate a wide range of knowledge together and synthesize a great variety of languages into a huge and refreshing symphony; a variety of human nature must be cast into the furnace so as to obtain a new humanity. Please remember that what we need is not out of any private requirement-not personal requirement from any one of us. What we need is not for honor or self-satisfaction but a huge driving force of all people; with this we can create a great mankind and a free nationality including the personal freedom… One person can not work out a brand-new nationality, so this will depend on all of us. In order to reach this goal, we should work together with one heart. .. At that time, there will be a lot of people who are going to cast off the shackles and until smash all fetters. In order to provide a good and beautiful future for human, we should give up our own prejudice and convention, and extinguish the envy, selfness, rage and hatred of our mind to light the bright beacon of sincerity, braveness, kindheartedness and magnanimousness in our hearts; we have to open our minds and walk out of fog to meet new friends, to accept new consciousness, to sow new values and to embrace new life.

Lifechanyuan thinks that human is in the eve of "the biggest change and opportunity for a millennium", and this will be an era, in which wind and cloud is surging, an era of big change and big transition, an era calling for sages and wise men and an era exploring and pursuing the infinite space-time. The clouds in the sky do not come from nowhere, neither does Lifechanyuan. The birth of Lifechanyuan is an exhibition coming from the nature's mystery and supreme theory of the universe, and a necessity of the development of human spiritual nature and wisdom. Human beings have to believe in the Greatest Creator, revere to God and Buddha and respect life. Everyone whether Celestial beings, saints, sages, wise men or ordinary people, whether emperor or common people, whether elites or the masses, whether the rich or the poor, whether Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Taoists or the witness of Johovah, the members of Falun Gong, members of Krsna consciousness movement, communists, whether the freemen or the prisoners, whether human or livestock, birds, animals, flowers, plants, flora, fauna etc. should be respected and loved.

The Great Contour is shapeless and the supreme wisdom is boundless; "without the supreme wisdom, one can not understand the Tao of the Greatest Creator". Lifechanyuan wishes all the Celestial Beings, saints, sages and wise men of the Mortal World to experience the secret of the Greatest Creator's Tao so as to obtain a tiny space in Lifechanyuan and to give relief and help to all people with your spiritual nature and wisdom. Wish the Greatest Creator grants psychic energy to you! Wish God and Buddha bless you! Lifechanyuan wish all the people who pursue the Greatest Creator, worship Christ, revere to God, Buddha, Celestial Being and Tao; whether Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Taoists or the witness of Johovah, the members of Falun Gong, members of Krishna consciousness movement can obtain enlightenments and new life from Lifechanyuan. Wish the Greatest Creator grants psychic energy to you! Wish God and Buddha bless you!

The Greatest Creator will show concern, love and watch all of people with no difference who are busy running about for their own cause and life all day long, no matter you are the noble monarch or the humble common people; no matter you are rich with million dollars or as poor as a church mouse; no matter you are a man of great talent or you do not even know ABC; no matter you are superstars, officials, white collars or migrant laborers wandering all over the world; no matter you are communists or democratic persons with ideals and integrity; no matter you are free men or a criminal prisoner… Lifechanyuan will always open its door and expect the arrival of you before the year of 2013. Wish you can open your mind before the Greatest Creator, God and Buddha, can obtain enlightenment and new life from Lifechanyuan.

Wish the Greatest Creator grants psychic energy to you! Wish God and Buddha bless you! The Greatest Creator God and Buddha is with us! Let's travel together with the wise men and run to the mysterious future filled with vitality, freedom, peace, agility and beauty.


April 25, 2004




The opening remarks of Lifechanyuan

April 8, 2004

Deiform Buddha


(Words for the Sages and Celestials)Welcome to get into Lifechanyuan.

Congratulations for your new course of life.

What I must declare here is that, I'm Xue Feng, an ordinary and imperfect sage with flesh and blood out of Lifechanyuan; but in Lifechanyuan, I'm Deiform Buddha, and what I'm talking about here is the Tao of the universe and life.

The first condition for getting into Lifechanyuan is to have a quiet heart, mind and soul. You are not able to reach the accomplishment unless being calm. Butterfly flock around when flowers are blossoming. Good wishes and wisdom bubbles when your heart is peace being. No disease bothers you when your heart and body are clean. Celestial will you be when you only think of immortal thing. It is only in serene circumstance may it be possible for penetrating the phenomena of things and studying their essence rather than being confused by the physical appearance, may it be possible for the universal stream of consciousness flowing into your own consciousness, may it be possible for the mutual perception between you and nature, may it be possible for entering into the thinking of the Greatest Creator, Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed and LaoTzu, and may it be possible for you to acquire some knowledge on the secret of the universe and life as well as the questions about whom you are, where you are from and where you will go.

There are a lot of books predicting the mankind in the future, such as, the Bible, the Buddhist Scriptures, Tao Te Ching, The Qur'an, A voice from the past, Raymund Hermes,Tui Bei tu, Pancake song, Geog-am You-Rog, Maya Myth. These books are about revelation on humankind from the life of high spaces. The recent prediction of the Martians almost has no difference with that of the Lifechanyuan; it is only that they are not from Mars but from different space and time. The real record on human history and future is still kept under the Pyramid and on the moon. Of course, you'd better not pay too much attention to this, and do not believe in those intentional explanation or inferences about this.

You should not attach to your previous knowledge acquired by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching; instead, you should learn to communicate with the universe by spiritual nature. You should learn to give up yourself and melt into the universe. In this way, you will see clearly the nature of Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions and you will have some understanding about the cause of the calamities and great events all over the world.

Let's make an example for Falun Gong, what's the reason for its appearance in China and being suppressed? Who is Li Hongzhi? Who is Jiang Zemin? The Chinese government announced that Falun Gong was heresy, and Falun Gong said that Jiang is an evil, who is the real evil anyway? We cannot understand this phenomenon unless we use our spiritual nature.

The real wisdom in human knowledge is only 1% and the rest 99% are just a pile of junk; this number is in accord with the ratio between the total amount of gemstones, gold and precious metal and the weight of the earth. Therefore, we should not waste our time in absorbing the knowledge of human society or feel pleased with ourselves for picking up a pile of junk. What we should do is to develop our brain because the amount of the "gems" stored in our brain is much more than the total amount of gemstones on earth.

Lifechanyuan says that the total energy of the universe is zero. Stephen William Hawking, the great physics master, also had the same understanding in his book A Brief History of Time, which proves that the scientists are very close to the Greatest Creator, but they can only approach truth rather than have a real grasp of truth. Einstein had tried to establish the Unified Field Theory and some of the scientists who are at the peak of science are actively exploring for the establishment of Unified Field Theory now, but they are too far from approaching it, and the reason for their failing is that they only prove the existence of four basic interactions in nature and be blind to the other four interactions in the universe at the same time; the reason for their limitation is lacking of depth in the knowledge of negative universe.

It is only those who in Lifechanyuan could have grasp of truth in future. People are easy to be misled by phenomenon, which may consume people in energy, intelligence and time. So, people in Lifechanyuan must learn to be indifferent and turn a blind eye or ear to the things around in order to avoid being misled by phenomenon and public opinions, which may make us lose our direction. We focus on the phenomenon sometimes just for exploring the reason of their appearance or the meaning behind the phenomenon.

For Karma and transmigration, their existence do not change with your belief or unbelief, or you see it or do not see it. It is the principle and order of life. Nobody is able to understand the real reason behind each phenomenon until this principle and order is grasped. "Justice has long arms". Unbridled manners in former life which had not incurred punishment then will be returned by miserable circumstances in this life. You get into lifechanyuan in pursuit of another lifetime, so you must never repeat your previous path of life otherwise you will get into transmigration in mortal world again; instead, you must develop towards the high-level space of life, towards the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand year world and the Elysium would. You should know the mental power and learn how to use them in your thinking for getting into the high- level life space ahead of the coming of calamity. Lifechanyuan is a holy place and it is the home of our spiritual nature. I hope all of you will enjoy the real happiness to be a human being and develop yourselves freely here.

The following is to the sages and celestials getting into Lifechanyuan. All of you are from high-level life space and you have been equipped with great awakening wisdom; you are here in the mortal world with the mission of saving human beings. I wish you would not fail to accomplish your mission, give relief and help to all mortal beings out of the abyss of misery and reaching the Other Side by using your spiritual nature and wisdom.

May the Greatest Creator be with us! May God and Buddha be with us! May all of you getting into the high-level life space!

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