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You must Come From the Heaven





You always smile and talk gently,

like the white cloud in the sky

You walk quietly

like the swinging willow

You are so sweet

as the spring water

Limpid and pure

Your love is so transparent

Covers no earthly dust

Only flows with fragrance

Your affections are so sincere

Just as the lasting spring

Green lands all year round


You must come from the heaven

Or you will not kiss passionately in public

Regardless of secular eyes

You must come from the heaven

Or you will not be born because of love


You come here not for others

But for love and affection


You travel all the way to search love and affection

The gentle breeze is your love and affection

The dancing bamboo is your love and affection

Climb to the summit of hill

Our eyes are caressed by love and affection

Walking into the valley

  I hear only love and affection

Seeing you

  I run across the fairyland

Hearing you

As I hear the clear spring tinkling in the mountains

Beauty is everywhere

because of you


Endless joy fills my heart because of you

You are the source of fascinations

Met you in the heaven

Unforgettable are you

Like a bee fluttering in the sea of flowers

Life is so beautiful

Because of the smell of your fragrance

LIFE is so brilliant

Because I am nurtured by your love

No more wander

I want to go to the faraway place with you

No more hesitation

hand in hand

Let us go back to our home – heaven




***Written by Xuefeng on Mar 01 2012***




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