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After seven- thousand years exploration in the darkness, the mankind finally have Lifechanyuan.

Lifechanyuan---is the beautiful homeland for the spirit and soul of the mankind, a transit station to the supreme life space, it is the source of subliming Spiritual nature and obtaining spiritual wealth for us all.

Lifechanyuan---is the integration of Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, and Buddhism, Taoism, science, Mao Zedong thought which truthfully explains the origin of the universe, the mystery of life, and the true meaning of life.

Lifechanyuan___ proved the existence of The Greatest Creator, illustrated the eight characteristics of The Greatest Creator and the eight major relations between The Greatest Creator and human being trough 40 special natural phenomena and 8 logical reasoning.

Lifechanyuan___ Through the analysis of the phenomena of life, explained the essence of life, the cause and effect relations of life transformation in the Transmigration of supreme, middle and lower life spaces and also illustrated the origin of human beings, and interpreted the mystery of the pyramids of Egypt.

Lifechanyuan___ showed the view of 36-dimension space(namely the 36 different levels of the world),especially the real vision of the perfect thousand-year world, the immortal ten-thousand-year world and Buddha-the Elysium World to the human beings based on the interpretation of time, space, energy and material and directed a bright and wonderful future for human beings.

Lifechanyuan---will lead Chanyuan celestials live through the catastrophe fore-and-aft 2013 and enter into Lifechanyuan era.

Once you enter Lifechanyuan, you enter into a brand new life world, you enter another life program, and you will get to know your past, see your own future.

The sorrow and pain of life is aroused from the people who are defective in spirit and soul which not only prevents us from gaining the joy and happiness of life but also affects and hurts our relatives and friends and others.

All the misfortunes in life, apparently, seem to be caused by outer factors, but in fact, are mainly the results of each individual's own spirit and soul defects, and have nothing to do with The Greatest Creator, and the devil, society or others. Therefore, the primary task of human life should be the pursuit of spirit and soul, it is the only way to reach the states of "grasp the key from among many ", "pursue good fortune and avoid disaster ", "celebrate peace by singing and dancing ".

Power, status, money, sex, fame can sustain our profane desires and satisfy our pursuits. However, the abundance of spiritual and the pureness of spiritual senses will meet our extraordinary refined, high-grade desires, are actually more important for us to pursue.

Lifechanyuan___ encourages people to participate in various religious activities and social activities, because religious activities can help us to relieve the pain of spirit and soul, whereas social activities can make our life colorful and rich in variety and remove the pain concerning materials in our real life.

Our Life can't be without belief. The life without belief is a contradictory and perplexed life, a life without direction, a life without future and is doomed to be a failure. Misbelieves can result in erred life. No matter who you are, I hope that you can find some time in your busy life, and participate Lifechanyuan's activities, and see whether you can get something helpful.

People can be divided into five kinds: Ignorant person, Laity, Mortal, Celestial beings. If I say: "I've been dispatched by goddess and Buddha and come from the thousand-year world to enlighten the human being in the Mortal World." Will you believe it?

Even the most outstanding musician cannot let the cattle appreciate his glamour and intoxicated. " Lofty Mountains And Flowing Water "; even the greatest singer cannot teach pigs to sing fair-sounding songs; even the most valuable diamond means nothing to small donkeys; even the most lofty realm of spirit and soul finds useless to the people who are deeply trapped in the noisy world. "The medicine can not cure the vital disease; likewise Buddha can only save those who are fortunate people. I wish all the people in the world can have chance to relate to celestials or Buddha.

Take a broad view and you will see faraway mountains are fresh and green.

Stay and study in Lifechanyuan will a new life begin. You will see clear paradise scenes.


June 18, 2003



The Main Contents of Lifechanyuan




1. Unconventional Thinking
2.The Greatest Creator
3.Time, Space, and the Universe
4.Humanity and Human Life
6.Physical and Spiritual Healthcare
8.Self-improvement and Self-cultivation
9.Life’s Wisdom
10.Preaching Tao
11.Celestial Cultivation
12.The Attainment of Buddhahood
13.The Nonmaterial World
14.Xuefeng Corpus
15.Chanyuan celestial Corpus

Initial Speech

A ship loaded with new LIVES has left its port; a new era is coming!

We are in an era of major global economic development, one in which materials are abundant but spirits are impoverished and souls are gloomy; an era focusing on pragmatism, materialism, and a total lack of belief. It is a glorious mission for sages to cultivate consciences, educate people, plant civil attitudes, and enlighten minds. It is the call of the times to build a spiritual and psychical home throughout the world. Our greatest thoughts are rational thinking, and our strongest ruling force is our power of reasoning. Compared to 36-dimensional space, we humans live in a very narrow reality. Our job is to tell the barbarians around us about the huge system of the universe and the answers to the questions, "Why am I me?” and “What is my purpose for being?".
First, great eras need the guidance of great thoughts. Without powerful spiritual support and a great liberation of souls, this economic development will only cause further depravity and decadence of human spirits. We are enlightened by the rational thinking of saints and sages from all ages, yet none of these past great individuals’ thinking have been able to meet the spiritual and psychical needs of today’s people. All religions have made indelible contributions to the development of human civilization but each have had their own time limitations and can not serve as guidance for us today.

If a theory or an ideology has existed for a millenia yet brings neither peace and stability to the world nor happiness and joy to every LIFE, then we must doubt it.
If a theory or an ideology is not accepted willingly by the people but must be forced down their throats by state machinery or institutional powers, then we must think of it deeply.
If a theory or ideology is accepted in a fog, by sedition, abetting, or deceptive ways in a muddled manner, or even by material inducement, promising people better futures but unable to make clear what they are, then we must approach it with suspicion.
If a theory or ideology cannot make people enjoy the happiness and joy of their current lives, but rather believe that only suffering and hardship can ensure the happiness and benefits of an afterlife, then this theory or ideology is either deceptive or far from Tao.
Before anything can be made clear, we must first be practical, realistic, and believe in logic and science. We believe that those who stand on the peak of science are the ones who are closest to the truth. It cannot be denied that great souls are beyond science, time, and space. Their thoughts cannot be generally accepted by ordinary people and this is why great souls are lamentable and lonely. If great souls can not bring us actual happiness and hope for the future, then they are of less value than rain from sky.
Lifechanyuan is a place to gather great souls. Great souls are neither from low-level LIFE spaces, nor from mid-level ones, but only from high-level ones. Long before the first World War, nearly ten thousand advanced souls - “the great souls” - descended from the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, and the Elysium world.
Today, in the name of Lifechanyuan, I come here to summon you - the great souls. I am telling you that your presence in the mortal world is not for enjoying the happiness of this world, but to explain the secrets of the universe and the meaning of life, to rescue the suffering people in the world, and to let people enjoy worldly happiness and joy long after we leave.


You must call an end to your transmigrations through the mortal world, because after three passages, you will lose your nature and you will never find your road back "home".
You should concentrate on recalling the mission that was given to you in Heaven before you left for the mortal world.
You should know clearly that The Greatest Creator loves and cares for all humans.
Mankind must be saved before its material prosperity is overcome by moral degradation in order to avoid another catastrophe such as the Great Flood of Noah’s time.
"When people have no fear of great forces, then great forces descend upon them"; people must be made to understand what this implies. Henry Van Dyke, an American author, educator, poet, playwright, and clergyman, once said: "Those of privilege but without power are waste material; those of enlightenment but without influence are the poorest kind of rubbish; those of intellectual, moral, and religious culture who are not active forces for good in society are not worth the cost of keeping them alive". You are great souls with great thoughts.
If you are a president but only consider benefits to your own political party, group, and personal interests, rather than those of all your people, then you are NOT a great soul.
If you have a college degree or higher education but focus only on personal gain and live without serious ambition instead of serving humanity with your knowledge, then you are NOT a great soul.
If you have gained wealth from the world but have never thought to pay it back, then you are NOT a great soul.
If you are a government officer but only care to get promotions and wealth and to make your ancestors illustrious rather than bringing benefits to the ordinary people, then you are NOT a great soul.
If you have achieved some accomplishments but then stopped short in order to lead a befuddled life, intoxicating yourself with sensual pleasures, then you are NOT a great soul.
Great souls will be taken to high-level LIFE space and lesser souls will be thrown into low-level ones. No one will display the excrement from their toilet in their living room and put their good wine and fine dishes in their toilet. This is established among humans, let alone the order of the Greatest Creator. It is only when people around them are happier than they are that great souls find peace of mind; only when we selflessly devote our wisdom to human society that our souls will be eligible to enter high-level LIFE space. Take a broad view and see how the faraway mountains are fresh and green; open the window of your soul and see your future.
For thousands of years, humans have been groping forward but have lost themselves without knowing that there are mountains beyond mountains and spaces beyond spaces, suffering from unnecessary grief and sorrow, and not knowing the secrets of LIFE. Innumerable kind-hearted people are trampling their LIVES as well as those of others by not revering The Greatest Creator, and can only repeat their samsara of transmigrations to mid-level or low-level LIFE space, time and time again by following the wrong guidance blindly; all of this is for lack of instructions from the carriers of great wisdom. Few people ever ask themselves clear-headedly:
 Why should I be as busy as a bee all day long?
Is this relevant to the meaning of my life?
How am I different from a dung beetle?
People who live by instinct, wealth, fame, or sentiment can only repeat their mistakes, falling forever into the same old traps. Frogs at the bottoms of a wells always regard their places as the centers of oceans and their views as the entire blue sky. People who live by wisdom can enjoy thousands of rivers and mountains, but people who live by a spiritual sense can travel beyond the constraints of time and space and appreciate the charming and infinite grandeur of the vast expanses of the universe, so please do not lead a fuddled lifes in mid-level or low-level space. Do not fight, kill, plunder, or rob within secular perplexities! Do not moan and groan in the vortex of thinking! Do not continue to destroy LIVES and ultimately harm yourself! The ship of Lifechanyuan will be fully loaded with people who possess enough wisdom and spiritual nature of the sea of truth to enjoy the real pleasure of life.


The Greatest Creator is impartial and has strictly arranged the program so that each individual will go to their future based on their conduct in the mortal world. Those with superior spiritual natures will ascend to high-level LIFE space, those with inferior spiritual natures will descend to low-level LIFE space. Tao is impartial because it records every deed of every person.
Do not moan and groan over injustices around you!
Do not let your wisdom and intelligence quench silently!
Do not think of yourself as a failure!
Do not stay at home and endure stupid scolding!
If you want to act in accordance with the laws of The Greatest Creator and want to pursue the truth, please dedicate your talents and wisdom accordingly and become a member of the sages of Lifechanyuan!
If you think you can be a sage, then come and be a visible or invisible saint in Lifechanyuan!
If you think you are able to take the position of space master, then come bravely and become one!
If you are able to undertake missions as a light messenger, then be one!
If you are able to be a leader of Lifechanyuan, then why not give a try?
If you possess excellent morality, then apply to become a Chanyuan celestial.
Lifechanyuan is an entirety; it will encircle your LIFE with a colorful aura and show you that you are no longer the person that you had been. As long as you strive for these things, you will win favor from The Greatest Creator and from people!
The ship of New LIFE is launching! All those who are willing to follow Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, and other saints and sages, are willing to explore the profound mysteries of time and space, want to go to high-level LIFE space, and possess the gift of telepathy, please come on board! Lifechanyuan will take you to the boundless and marvelous place where you have been infinitely yearning in your dreams, a place beyond your imagination and never heard of where you will be happy, excited, and relaxed, and a place to entrust your LIFE.


The Greatest Creator is with me and can be with you. You will develop a peaceful mind through meditation under the moonlight and you will find the truth in Lifechanyuan after a long journey through life.

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