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View the Life Pattern of Human Society in Future from a Lifechanyuan Perspective

Deiform Celestial


Future human society is called Lifechanyuan Era. The characteristics of Lifechanyuan Era are: no country, no religion, no political party, and no family. "No one pockets anything found on the road, Doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening for no thieves drop in", "Person of virtue won’t be abandoned away from government, Honesty prevails throughout the world." Everyone is happy and doesn’t worry about his daily life.

Maybe somebody will laugh at this by saying: “Wishful thinking!” “Daydream!”, “Fantasy!”, or “Impossible!”

It is right and impossible if it is just preaching or conceiving.

But it can be possible if a crowd of people are making practice and their practice is effective.

First of all, Lifechanyuan has successfully carried out a series of activities without the consciousness of country, religion, political party and family. And there would be no country, religion political party and family if more and more people, regardless of their races, become Chanyuan Celestial.

Maybe some people will find it amusing again,“It is good enough for a small party fun, but it is absolute daydreaming if you want all of human beings enter into Lifechanyuan”

Hi there, you are right. But the problem is that we don’t mean to let all human beings enter into Lifechanyuan right away. As long as hundreds of people on the planet believe in the idea of Lifechanyuan and live a happy life, that will prove a success. And by that time, just think of it, people will try to enter into Lifechanyuan by all means. The scene is just like a drowning man and a straw. You will see it when the time comes.

The mode of future human society life will be the life of Chanyuan Celestial. Many people may not be able to see it in their lifetime, but they can understand it.

Hard to believe, right? Wait and see! The blessed ones will see it when the day comes.


March 5, 2007


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