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Do not Attempt to Control Others



Who should be controlled?

Answer: livestock, poultry, idiots, maniac (mental patients), criminals.

Who will control them?

Answer: feed lot, mental health hospital, penitentiary, prisons, and the staff members of these institutions.

Apart from those mentioned above, man should not seek to exercise control over each other (with the exception of special organizations)

Men should establish an equal, friendly, mutually respecting and honourable relation. There should not be any attempt of mutual control.

If you attempt to control others, then you regard them as animals, or idiots or maniacs, or prisoners. The slave owners in the age of slavery controlled slaves. Thus when some people want to control others, they are treating them like slaves, or they are regarding themselves as the jailers and the people they attempt to control as the criminals.

In the normal society, man should not attempt to control each other, if so, you are despising and trampling on human right and human dignity, and actually you are committing a crime.

It can be said without exaggeration that a person who wants to control another normal person is a criminal, or a maniac who is inflicted with mental disorder.

We should ponder over it and be vigilant if the above definition has its meaning and value.

Most couples are trying to control each other, either in economy, emotion, body, thought, spirit, or soul. In one word, there are traces of mutual control between husband and wife. In this sense most of husbands or wives are in essence criminals or mental patients. Of course, a criminal will not regard himself as a criminal and a mental patient will never think of himself as a mental patient. Once he regards himself as a mental patient, he is not a mental patient any more, but a normal person.

There are also mutual controls between lovers and sweeties. Therefore, infatuated lovers or sweeties also smack of mental disorders.

Some parents who still exercise control over their grownup children are actually criminals.

Some children who exercise control over their parents are not only criminals but also mental patients.

In the normal organizations, it is normal for the higher authorities to control the lower authorities, but it is abnormal for one to be controlled by his superior, because such superiors are taking their inferiors as their slaves and taking themselves as the masters.

Any phenomenon of controlling or being controlled is absolutely abnormal, no matter whether it occurs in the politics, religion, culture, production, or cultivation and refinery, or in life and family, in social intercourse (with the exception of those cases where control is necessary). The person who exercises control is either a criminal or a mental patient.

Controlling others is actually paramount to depriving other people's freedom. Poultry and livestock have no freedom, maniacs or mental patients should be monitored during their illness, prisoners should not enjoy freedom during their service in the prison. A normal person should enjoy complete freedom as endowed by the constitution. Aren't we criminals if we deprive a normal person of his freedom? If we are not criminals, then we must have suffered some mental problems.

Therefore, we must keep it in mind that we should never attempt to control anyone, especially the Chanyuan celestials. We should never control others but must fully respect their freedom. In the Home Without Marriage and Family of Lifechanyuan, there should never be the control of man by man, which is one of the main elements of holographic management.

When we are currently controlling other people, we must be vigilant, we are either criminals or mental patients.

When we try to control others, we must watch out, because we are heading for crimes or schizophrenia.



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