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The Funeral System of Lifechanyuan



Methods adopted by humankind to dispose corpses mainly are inhumation, cremation, water burial, celestial burial, cliff burial, tower burial, burial of an ass, cave burial, antiseptic burial, etc.. Among the dozens of ways, no matter what it is specifically, there are two ways in essence: one is preserving corpses; the other is to discard them. The purpose of preserving corpses is to keep the soul having a home to revive, while disposing corpses is to set the soul free to become human again or to go to heaven.

The major way adopted by modern society to dispose corpses is burning, and consign the ash in funeral parlor or cemetery, or bury it in cemetery and set a monument for people to pay respect. I have pondered on the corpse disposal issue when Chanyuan Celestials have long gone. From any perspective, the best way of corpse disposal in history is burning, and spread the ash in the mountain or river. No corpse, grave or trace will be left behind.

Not long ago, I had been to a cemetery of Jiuquan, Jiayuguan. The cemetery is like a garden, and the price for the cheapest one is 12,000.00 RMB, while the most expensive one is 30,000.00 RMB. I felt rather sad. Living is already difficult, and dying too will leave misery and trouble to those who are alive.

I had ridden across two cemeteries, one is in Harare, and the other is in Lanzhou. They occupy large area of farmland, thousands of tomb stones seem like that there are thousands of souls want to say something to those who are alive, but what are they talking about?

It's no doubt that the offspring create a beautiful and comfortable place for souls of their ancestors. Every soul is worth of respect, and deserves to be arranged to a decent place to comfort both the dead and the living, and to acquire mental peace. This is reasonable. Yet, when we arrange something for the dead, we should also take the living and the offspring into consideration. Thus, what's the most proper way of holding funerals?

The most problematic hidden trouble of water burial and celestial burial is if the corpses may have disease, it would affect animals like fish, birds, etc. Animals would affect humankind likewise. So, we don't encourage water burial and celestial burial.

The disadvantage of inhumation is it takes up land, which means souls and the living compete for life space. In the case of cremation, no matter the ash be consigned into funeral parlor or buried into cemetery. It is much the same as inhumation, since it still brings trouble to people. So, the best way is burning and spreading the ash in mountains or rivers.

Funeral system is the reflection of culture. The formation of culture is based on the recognition of nature, human society and life of people. When we see from the viewpoint of life to judge death, we will find out that souls go to four places after death:


1、Going to upperworld;

2、Going to Lowerworld;

3、Going back to earth space;

4、Staying between Yin and Yang Space temporarily.

So, to the 95 percent souls, graves, including tomb stones mean nothing to them, they only function as spiritual soothing effect.

As the spirit guide of Lifechanyuan, I don't interfere with people of earth space treating souls of their relatives and friends. People do whatever they assume is appropriate. But, to Chanyuan Celestials of Lifechanyuan, my suggestions are: Once Chanyuan Celestials have long gone, most of them go to heaven's the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and the Celestial Islands Continent of Elysium world. They would not go to lowerworld like animal world, plant world or hell world, etc., and would never go through the Transmigration to get back to earth space, let alone hover between heaven and hell. So, they don't have to leave any trace in earth space. Once traces have been left, there would be worry and would leave hidden trouble for future life in heaven. Thus, the funeral system of Chanyuan Celestials is: never let the living to make extravagant waste or cry, never let them build graves or tomb stones, never let them make cascades. Burning and spreading the ash in mountains and rivers.

Those are suggestions for Chanyuan Celestials outside of the Home without Marriage and Family. Taking it or not, it's up to you. However, to Chanyuan Celestials living in Lifechanyuan, they are not suggestions but a system, no matter you take it or not, Home would arrange this for you.

If any Chanyuan Celestial doesn't want to accept it, you may choose to live outside the Home without Marriage and Family instead of living inside.

In brief, the funeral system of Lifechanyuan is good for the life future of Chanyuan Celestials; it maximally eases the burden of relatives and friends, and would not bring trouble to the living due to space occupation. This is the symbol of civilization and the mark of cultural sublimation.


Jully15, 2009


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