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Do Not Lay Your Hopes On a Person






Human beings are absolutely unreliable.


However trustworthy a person seems, they will eventually die, so how can he or she be reliable?


Can parents be reliable? They cannot even master their own fates to be alive or dead the next day, so how can they be relied upon?


Can husbands and wives be reliable? Not mentioning the changes of faith and love, even if their love remains strong and consistent, once there is any unexpected misfortune, where will the person that you want to rely on be?


Can sons and daughters be reliable? “There have been many concerned parents since very ancient times, but where is the child who is filial?” (Chinese proverb)


Can lovers be reliable? Someone once said, “I will surely be responsible for her”. This is total nonsense! You do not even know whether you will be alive or not on the next day, so how can you be responsible for her? Can you guarantee her happiness and blessings for her whole life? You cannot even guarantee your own happiness and blessings in your life, so how can you guarantee other people’s happiness?


Can brothers and sisters be reliable? Can friends, superiors, and subordinates be reliable?


Even Chairman Mao is not reliable, not mentioning any other people.


Am I, Xuefeng reliable?




We have today’s homeland only because we are walking on the way of the Greatest Creator, this is a blessing from the Greatest Creator, the result of Tao’s operation, not because Xuefeng has any special abilities or talents.


Question: Then who can be relied upon?


Answer: Only the Greatest Creator and walking the way of the Greatest Creator.


As a person, works and behaves by following the will of, and the way of the Greatest Creator, that is the best policy.



July 9, 2012


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